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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Oscurito - Find Your Centre (Remix Competition)

Later this summer we release the second EP from Glaswegian producer Oscurito. His debut EP, Octopus, was released on Bricolage in January last year and contained three big house tracks with a psychedelic tinged space theme running throughout. This time out on "Eastern Philosophy", as a much improved all round producer, Oscurito has stuck with the psychedelia mindset but went more a more a varied release featuring some beautiful ambient interludes, Eastern influences and his trademark driving basslines alongside bulkier beats. "Eastern Philosophy" is released on Bricolage on the 24th of July.

The "Eastern Philosophy" EP contains three tracks. "Kunoichi", "The Nihon Shoki" and EP closer "Find Your Centre".

Tonight we're launching a remix competition for "Find Your Centre". You'll find the stems available as a free download through our Bandcamp. All you have to do is head there and grab the components and have a go at remixing the track. There will be two winning remixes, one chosen by Bricolage label head Fragile X and the other, of course, by Oscurito himself. Both of the winning remixes will feature on the EP release in July.

The competition officially launches tonight and will close on the 21st of July, three days before the EP release. This provides a total time frame of almost 9 weeks for any potential remixers.

"Find Your Centre" is in the key of Cm with a BPM of 119. Feel free to change either as you please.

*Once you have uploaded your remix to Soundcloud you should PM the Bricolage page with a link to your track where we will proceed to repost your track and also add it to the specially made remix playlist.*

You can grab the stems below or at the bandcamp page.

You can find a low bitrate version of the full track below or at our YouTube channel.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Fragile X "Insert Coins To Continue" (bc026)

Twothousandandseventeen. A world full of super computers, mass surveillance, privacy encroachments, corrupt governments, censorship, broken moral compasses, fear mongering and cyber wars. Twothousandandseventeen. The beginning of the end.

"Insert Coins To Continue" is the latest EP from Bricolage label head, Fragile X. It sees him explore themes of futurism, dystopian warnings and the current political climate over the course of 5 new compositions of sprawling digital landscapes, where machines rule the world and humans have dropped to the bottom of the intelligence ladder. Mangled, mechanical, electronics and crunching metallic structures collide as they sit atop a wasteland of glitches, cuts n clicks and futuristic ambience. "Insert Coins..." is the caustic creation of a fractured and twisted cybernated world in which syncopated rhythms clamber over the top of each other, vying for supremacy as they wire themselves together in contorted sonic waves that spread themselves around the electronic web of sounds that is carefully weaved out over the listening experience.

You can stream and download the EP below or at our bandcamp.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Summer 2017

If you keep up to date with our social media accounts then you'll know that earlier this week we said that we'd have a few announcements coming this weekend regarding many aspects of a creative summer here at Bricolage. There's new music, guest mixes, a remix competition and a very big collaborative release coming at the end of summer.


First off, we're proud to announce that, after four successful Various Artists compilations, we're officially moving onto our fifth edition of the series with VA5 penciled in for official release on the 12th of June. Once again, we've rounded up a collection of established and creative producers from around the globe. All of them with their own unique sounds and creations to bring to the table. The latest compilation release will be featuring American electronic wizard Belial Pelegrim, Finnish downtempo specialist Sect-ion, the mysterious Suncastle, Edinburgh producer All Buttons In, Glaswegian experimental musician No Arrival and the exceptional work of Devras Plexi to name but a few. It's safe to say that we have another very eclectic Various Artists album coming your way next month. Stay tuned for the standard introduction and bio posts starting on our blog next week, as we welcome the new faces to the Bricolage family. As always, you'll get to learn a little bit more about the people behind the sounds.

To have a listen to the previous VA compilations head to our bandcamp page where you'll find the releases alongside the rest of our back catalogue.


Ever since the inception of Bricolage in 2015 we've ran our monthly podcasts and bi-monthly Headroom mix series to great effect over on Mixcloud. Our artists have consistently provided listening experiences that span across every spectrum of the electronic genre.

For June, we've managed to pull off a coup in getting some one off mixes from some very special guests. Friend of the label, Esef, takes over our podcast for the month. His monthly residents slot, alongside Loui Cleghorn, in Glasgows Flat 0/1 venue is known for it's sweat inducing mayhem and the boundless energy provided by the precise and remarkable tune selection on show.

As someone with a broad range of influences and tastes, Friday night club sets and after party marathons are just the tip of the iceberg with Esef though. A few years back he fused together ever evolving moods of dub, ambient sounds and house music for the very first guest session for the Fragile X "Cult Zer0es" mix series. So who knows what we're in for next month. Either way it's going to be a fun ride.

Be sure to check out his Return To The Cities EP over on soundcloud.


Our second guest mix next month sees Glasgow based powerhouse, Boom Merchant, take the wheel for the latest episode of our Headroom mix series. He's an astonishingly well established all rounder with an unwavering dedication to his craft in terms of both DJing and production. Known just as much for carving his own brand of house and techno as he is for his ability to hold club goers attention from start to finish with his cosmic sets at his very own Tribal Pulse club night. With an extensive and meticulously assembled record collection to choose from we should be in for a huge treat come June. Have a listen to a guest mix for Proton Radio below alongside the latest Boom Merchant release, "Haka".

Boom Merchant @ Facebook
Boom Merchant @ Soundcloud
Tribal Pulse @ Facebook


Last summer we ran a remix competition for Loui Cleghorn's "Waterworks" track, where the two winning remixes got to feature on the title tracks EP.. This summer we're back again with another remix competition, this time for Oscurito. He releases his second EP, "Eastern Philosophy", on Bricolage this July and next Saturday we'll be officially launching the competition for his new track "Find Your Centre". Stay tuned for remix stems and more info coming soon.


Last but definitely not least, to celebrate Bricolage turning two years old in August we've lined up a very special collaborative project.

All of our releases so far have been digital only but thanks to the help of Rick at Dark Fidelity Hifi we've managed to secure a physical release for what should be one of our most ambitious projects to date. A CD run of 200 copies is in the pipeline and if it proves to be a success we'll be looking at more physical releases down the road whether it's CD, vinyl or cassette.

For the August release, we've pooled together an assortment of producers from a bunch of our previous releases over the past 20 odd months and paired them together to collaborate and come up with a track between them for the album. So far we have around 14 musicians on board, with many paired off and already in the early process of production. We're currently still looking for another 6 or 8 names to round off the production team and then it's all systems go.

More details on the physical release as they arrive. When we know, you'll know.


Friday, 12 May 2017

In The Loop : Episode 21

The latest episode of In The Loop is a special entry that looks at some of the albums and EPs released either through other labels or independently by some of our roster and alumni.

April 29th saw The Oscilloscope self release his new album "Secret Chamber". It's a fantastic album from the Swiss based producer, who just keeps getting better and better. By now, it's well known that The Oscilloscope is an advocate of finger drumming and this release sees him sticks to his guns. Well rounded, technical, rhythms are supported by electro undertones and lots of acid variations. The mixture of analogue and digital recording methods brew up a space age style that runs throughout and keeps things interesting.

Listen to Rec B8 below and check out the full album over on his bandcamp.


Edinburgh techno specialist Willy recently released his debut EP, "Organo", through French label Carceres Records. Four tracks of supremely well executed warehouse techno. Thumping, but intricate, perc work and dark techno melodies sit side by side on industrial tinged sound palettes. More than worth checking out.


Sleep Maps released on the label back in 2015. Contributing some stunning post rock compositions to two of our compilations in our first year in the form of "Biologic Trust" on our Various Artists Volume 2 release and again at the end of the year when he specifically wrote "The Brief Sun" as his entry for our special Winter Solstice release. Since then he was quiet on the output front, but it's been worth the wait. March saw the release of his latest album "No More Good Dreams". The tagline is "We Are Not Always Who We Think We Are" and that rings true in an album of deep and evocative post rock soundscapes. A lot of time and effort has went into the release and it's clear to here in the quality of the sounds.

Check out "The Lonelies" below alongside the full album stream


"Seltrac" is the latest offering from International Debris. An album, partly inspired by travelling on the Docklands Light Railway, that was released on Third Kind Records last month. Personally, here at Bricolage, Ross Baker is one of our favourite producers. One that's always able to perfectly find the mark between experimentation and listenability. "Seltrac" does exactly that. The music itself is a stirring concoction of cinematic electronica bursting with enviable synth work and pinpoint melodies that will no doubt invoke feelings of nostalgia in listeners of a certain age. It's available as digital or limited edition cassette through the Third Kind Records bandcamp.

Stream and DL links below.


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Bricolage Podcast #21 : Subsequent

Exactly 18 months to the day since his first Bricolage podcast back in November 2015, today, sees the proficient Dutch selector Subsequent return to the front line for another trek through his collection of mesmerizing electronic music. There's a combination of minimalistic but powerful compositions layered over each other in a steely, broken environment of industrial rumblings and field recordings. Points of abstract tension play out alongside moments of hazy charm and hypnotic beats. Add all that to a "twist" at the end and you've got a creative and borderline avant garde session that will transfix and transport the listener to another portal. Welcome back to the world of Subsequent.

As always you can stream the mix below or over on our mixcloud.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Fragile X : Insert Coins To Continue (EP Preview)

The 15th of May sees label head, Fragile X, release his latest EP, "Insert Coins To Continue", right here on Bricolage. It's a sprawling and engaging digital field of glitches, cuts n clicks fused together with syncopated rhythms, robotic techno, broken beats, experimental IDM, samples and futuristic ambience.

Below you can check out both an audio/visual preview from our YouTube channel and also the Soundcloud link for the original preview.

0:00 Private Enterprise 0:59 Utility Fog 1:55 Gletshn 2:46 Under The Counter Culture 3:44 Survival Research Laboratory

Monday, 17 April 2017

Headroom 09 : Fragile X presents "Voight-Kampff"

Label head, Fragile X, returns with his first mix for Bricolage in just over a year. His last offering was the April 2016 podcast full of progressive sounds and breakbeats with a slightly cinematic vibe. This time out, with 2 hours to play with, the cinematic elements have been turned up full with a sci-fi themed mix inspired by cyberpunk, neo-noir and dystopian films and novels, mainly the Philip K Dick classic, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" aka Blade Runner. This particular listening session is a trip through your consciousness via a hybrid of carefully chosen breathtaking ambient soundscapes, cuts n clicks, dark drones, broken beat experiments and film samples. The mix almost plays out into separate scenes, with moments of calm and serenity counteracted by futuristic techno and crumbling, uniquely designed, industrial audio landscapes. There's a consuming visual element to the mix that is outlined by it's unusual drifting between lights and shadows. Get yourself comfortable, put on your headphones and let your imagination flow.

As always you can stream the session below or over on our mixcloud.


1. Rick Deckard "I Dreamt Music"
2. Oval - Do While (X)
3. Katsuhiro Chiba - Elegant Slope
4. Way of Tea - Aranyani
5. Pact Infernal - Circle IX (Treachery)
6. Gridlock  Edit364
7. Kattoo - Place 7
8. Hazcauch - 0001
9. Leon Kowalski's Voight-Kampff Test
10. Hazcauch - Scept
11. Pessimist - Paian
12. mmph - Sun God
13. Synkro - Lunar Cycle (Phase 1)
14. Prayer - Without You
15. Roy Batty "It's Not An Easy Thing To Meet Your Maker"
16. Bwana - Vveding
17. Protector 101 - Runners
18. Spectrums Data Forces - Devastation
19. C-System - Poison
20. Headless Horseman - The Day She Vanished
21. Pessimist - The Empty House
22. Condensed Utopia - In Fine Aeternam
23. Plastikman - Ask Yourself
24. Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix)
25. Pendulum - Coma
26. Jim Morrison "Do You Know We Exist?"
27. SE - No Need For Voices
28. Roy Batty "...Like Tears In The Rain"

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

In The Loop : Episode 20

In The Loop casts an eye and an ear on the latest sounds from some of our roster. This particular post focuses on the sounds of Dark Fidelity HiFi, Subsequent, Oco, SlowDeepBreath and Kure.

We start by checking in on Dutch producer, Subsequent.The experienced head is all set to take the helm for his second Bricolage podcast next month. Check out his November 2015 podcast on our mixcloud. His most recent upload to Soundcloud is a blast from the past. The track "Chilled Moods" was released on Berlin label "nonine recordings" back in 2008. Exquisite guitars , trip hop beats and blissful vocals ensure the track does exactly what it says on the tin.


Rick Jones aka Dark Fidelity HiFi is a busy man. Always on the go creatively, making his own tunes as well as remixing others. One of his most recent reworks was of the Belial Pelegrim track "Starless". The original is a stellar piece of off kilter electronica and key work. DFHF adds his own spin with a more glitch style base whilst adding even more spruce to the already melodic track with some class pads. Listen to both tracks below.


SlowDeepBreath is known for his breathtaking soundscapes and his latest offering "The Little Satellite" more than hits that mark. The ability to make the perfect ambient, chill out zone is harder than a lot of people think but SDB makes it seem effortless. Calming drones and expressive synths combine to create the perfect piece of space ambience.


Danish ambient enthusiast, Kure, is carefully sculpting away at crafting his own unique sound and "Echo Park" is just one of many playful, melodic numbers that the young producer has been generating recently.


'Oco' just recently released his "Warmth" EP on fellow Glasgow stable he Umbrella Collective. It's three tracks of downtempo electronica with Oco's knack for songwriting shining through and providing a beautiful surface for guest vocals from some of his friends. For us, "Let Me Talk" is the stand out track with it's deep sounds, manipulated vocals and unique rhythm. Check out the EP below and grab a download.


Tuesday, 11 April 2017

In The Loop : Episode 19

In The Loop Episode 19 takes a look at what some of the artists we've released through the label have been upto recently.

First we turn our attention to serial beat maker, Lo-Jacker. His most recent uploads include a phenomenal remix of the HEALTH track "Crusher" that gets the complete Lo-Jacker make over. There's also new track "Infinite Latitude" with it's hypnotic beat and swirling pads and to round it off, the track "In Media Res" that was written for Piano Day 2017. Listen to them all below.


Since their "Fifteen Minutes Of Fame" release back in October, 'futurendeavours' have kept their collective production head quite low. There's more in the pipeline coming soon but for now wrap your ears round the skittering drums and dubby groove of "Beatroot".


The next few weeks will see the release of two International Debris albums, "Myosphere" and "Seltrac" on No Problema Tapes and Third Kind Records, respectively.

Listen exclusively below to "Grotesk" from the Seltrac release and also another recent upload, the beautiful and haunting "Rexta".


The latest Sunn Boo sounds are as raw and hard hitting as ever,

The demo of  "6 Dogs Against Me" is a sneak preview of the bulky techno that the young Frenchman has been building away at.

Meanwhile, "ra-w line" provides a more melodic line of work with a slightly spiritual edge.


"True Devotion" sees Bedless Bones cast her spell by conjuring up a powerful and stirring piece of emotive darkwave. Allowing her vocals to soar over an intriguing concoction of sounds.


The Oscilloscope never disappoints and his latest uploads are yet more proof of his finger drumming genius and knack for supplying weird, glossy, acidic sound patterns. Check out "When You Draw" and "Warm Calm" below.


Bricolage alumni, Bloempot, released his debut 12" (For The Deaf) on the Disposable Commodities label last month.

Prepare to enter an all-devouring tornado of dissonant machine rumblings, well-rounded melody and thunderous percussions billowing out in toxic black smokes"

Read more on the release @ Inverted Audio.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Bricolage Podcast #20 : The Jaffa Kid

For our latest podcast we delve into the past a little with The Jaffa Kid. The Newcastle native is an experienced head when it comes to production and mixing and has provided us with a special Motor City mix of his from "years ago" which incorporates all manners of Detroit techno and electro together with elements of ghetto, trip hop and vocal cuts. All in all it's a supremely danceable, uplifting session that presents a unique look at bygone days of electronic music.

Stream the mix below or over at our mixcloud.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Ix Prospectum : Telescope (Audio/Visual)

We're back on the audio/visual trail for the second time in a week and this time it's for Ix Prospectum and his hypnotic track "Telescope". Once again, Digi Aye have taken stock footage and Creative Commons art pieces and blended them together with the work of visual design specialist, Mike Winklemann to create a shimmering, transfixing spectacle full of silver spheres, electric movements and digital landscapes.

You can download your copy of "Telescope" and the full "First Step" album over on the labels bandcamp or below.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Figurate : An Exist Strategy (Audio/Visual)

Tonight we're happy to be able to premiere the new A/V for Figurate's "An Exist Strategy". Our visual team, Digi Aye, have constructed a backdrop created purely from edits of the futuristic work of cult visual artist Mike Winkelmann. It's a fitting scene for the fragmented, altered reality and sound design of Figurate. Tune in and enjoy the trip.

You can grab a copy of the full debut EP from Figurate below or at our bandcamp.

Monday, 13 March 2017

The Jaffa Kid "In Orbit" (bc025)

The Jaffa Kids sound palette knows no bounds. One listen through his vast back catalogue of tracks and official releases will bring you a rare but consistent assemblage of many styles. The electronic sector is his home and he's more than comfortable in every room in the house. Just at ease banging out pumping techno beats as he is with slowing down the pace and bringing his curious and free flowing taste for ambient to the table. When you fill in the gaps between those two with old school influences like breaks, jungle, acid and IDM then you have a bunch of captivating and irresistible productions.

Having being late to the table we only discovered the music of The Jaffa Kid in 2016 and quickly got him on board as soon as we could before releasing his track "Experience" on our VA Volume 4 compilation last November. With previous releases on Expanding Electronic Diversity, Recycled Plastics and Retropublik to name a few, we're more than happy to have secured a full EP release from the diverse electronic wizard in the form of his new "In Orbit"

The EP itself is a nice 50-50 split of three tracks from late 2016/early 2017 and three previously unreleased tracks. All lovingly crafted on classic synths like the Nord Lead A1, Access Virus TI2 and more. The groundwork is laid down on the percussion side with a brew of all sorts from four to the floor tech, jungle rhythms and edgy break formations. Those beats are covered by a fusion of intelligent electronic compositions that encompass all manners of progressive techno, psychedelic tinged passages, ambient atmospherics, IDM tendencies and weaves of acid. There's a distinct 90's edge and influence coursing through the spheres of "In Orbit", that could almost channel it as a throwback to the early golden times of experimental electronic music, thus giving Jaffa Kids latest offering the feeling of a classic era release that's bleeding into modern times. EP. Influenced by the likes of Plastikman, Gerald Donald, John Carpenter and Robert Hood, it's a real treat for electronic music fans of all ages.

Full streaming and download is available below or at our bandcamp.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Bricolage Podcast #19 : Rain

Our March podcast is a special journey through the realms of drum n bass music courtesy of Russian electronic mood creator, Rain. It's a rich supply of rolling beats and smooth progressive tempos. Prepare yourself for a barrel load of complex polyrhythmic structures in a mix that is constantly evolving. Sharp production choices and sharp mixing techniques make for an obscenely melodic, colourful and vibrant hour of solid DnB. There's splashes of energising, uplifting sounds on every selection. Deep basslines, shifting percussion, major keys, cinematic sections and chilled out vocals take centre stage backed up by a heap of springy and frisky funk components. A classic liquid DnB mix from a true aficionado of the genre. Rain has spoiled us this month.

As always listen below or over at the Bricolage mixcloud.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Jaffa Kid - In Orbit (EP Preview)

On the 13th of March we release the "In Orbit" EP from The Jaffa Kid.

6 fresh and distinct tracks from the Newcastle native that blend a fusion of intelligent electronic compositions into an outstanding formation that encompasses all manners of progressive techno, breakbeat elements, weaves of acid , IDM tendencies and atmospheric ambient passages. It's old school influences shining through on new music. Have a listen to 60 seconds or so of each of the tracks in the EP trailer below.

"In Orbit" is out on the 13/3/2017. Stay tuned.

Monday, 20 February 2017

In The Loop : Episode 18

Episode 18 of "In The Loop" is long overdue and takes a look back at what the artists from our VA Volume 3 compilation have been upto. The compilation was a popular, eclectic, all Scottish affair.

First up is a brand new track from "...From The Benthic Zone". It's a psychedelic, trippy number laced with intelligent percussion and evolving layers of glitchy sounds and effects. There's a lot going on but it never gets too muddled.


Alpha Skies most recent offering from last month is a peculiar and interesting number. "Palomar" veers in between remnants of funk and jazz with smooth guitar licks serenading their way over a very breakbeat like structure. It's melodic, experimental electronic music in it's element.


The latest Nova Noma production is a blissed out, soothing ambient piano led piece. "Sleepyhead" starts off with a beautiful piano and some chirping birds before some well placed downtempo beats soon join the fray. Look out for a new EP/album coming later in the year.


Dreamland Fantasy recently uploaded his submission for the Piano Soundboard Movie Scoring Challenge from late last year. The process was as follows "We were given a selection of short videos with the sound removed and had to compose a piano soundtrack for the one selected".
This short piece shows off the impressive piano range that Dreamland Fantasy possesses.


Warm house with a tropical flow is the name of the game on the new Night Time Bassline EP "Sanity Before Vanity". All the standard NTB elements are there, upbeat melodies, solid kicks and cosy chords. You can grab the full EP here.


"The First World" from No!z has a real Eastern flavour at its core. It's another cinematic offering from the Glasgow based Spanish producer. Full of enticing sounds and developing drums.


Oco is known for downtempo gems and "Let Me Talk" falls perfectly into that category. A slow burning melodious number that picks up the pace half way through with some almost tribal beats working their way into the equation.


Crae's output over the last 6 months has seen a solid body of work makes it way online. Off the back of his "Injection" EP release on Bricolage, comes another new thumper with a melodic spacey vibe running through out. "Magnetikz" is moody, mean, dramatic techno.


Willy continues sculpting his own brand of dark electronic music on "Jers". A powerful, no frills techno banger. There's an almost militaristic edge to the drums as they plough their way through the speakers. Hopefully there's more new sounds on the way soon from the young, Edinburgh native.


"starocean777" from Gregor Garnutsi/Upstanding Monk sees the experimentalist explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy and he's invited you along for the ride. A pulsing beat amid an array of cosmic sounds soon gives way to an ambient implosion. An intriguing composition to say the least.


On the subject of intriguing compositions......the undefinable Swedgy Bliker returned late last year with the demented "DIC". A melting pot of off beat electronics that never sits still. It'll either puzzle your brain or make it dance. Both are positive!


Leit Motif released his "Till We Have Faces" EP on Bricolage last November. It was three all out analogue ambient creations. His newest offering is a bubbly electronic effort that sees him come together with Bricolage founder Fragile X on "A-maireach bi e nas fhearr" which translates as "Tomorrow Will Be Better" in Scottish Gaelic. It's a slightly melancholic yet optimistic number that grows and grows into a melodic outpouring before fading out to nothing.


Replicators latest venture is "Skin Tight" where he puts his smooth word play over the top of the "CVRL" track of the same name. It's unconventional hip hop with a distinctive ambient under current.


You can grab your copy of VA Vol 3 (featuring all of the above artists) over at our bandcamp site or from the embed below

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Headroom 08 : Guido presents "Zero Jet Lag"

Our first Headroom session of 2017 comes from young Portuguese DJ/producer, Guido. His mission when setting out to make the mix was "to make people dance". The 'Zero Jet Lag" title pays testament to the achievement of that goal. A mix that's always on the move. Guido has supplied a prime set full of smooth electronic goodies and lush, danceable beats. It's a place were playful house music meets waves of rich synths and dynamics. Overall, 'Zero Jet Lag' creates a warm musical climate that cocoons the listener with a balmy haze of tropical and atmospheric sounds. It's funk laden straight off the bat and will keep you moving right to the end as it progresses slickly between upbeat house and techno without ever losing it's warmth. It's the perfect two hours to accompany you as the nights start getting a little lighter and spring approaches.

As always you can stream the mix below or check it out over at our mixcloud.


Palmbomen II - Cindy Savalas
Mucho Sueño - Sabotaje
Retrac - Shades (Ethyl remix)
Sweely - Music Is Something Special
Eric Ericksson - Love it
Perbec - Chaser
Delano Smith - Metropolis
DJ Longdick - Haze
Wax - 30003b
Mad Rey - Royal Bar
Flabaire - Rue de Cléry
Mad Rey - Hard Ferailleurs
Mad Rey - Double Jeu
Nick Höppner - She Parked Herself
Trevino - Backtracking
Roman Poncet - Route of Pain
Bambounou - Splaz
Stenny - Local Fields
Lone - Crystal Caverns 1991

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Bricolage Podcast #18 : Roman Fahls

Roman Fahls is behind the decks for our February podcast with a first rate selection of tracks that flourish together perfectly from first note to last. It travels through the realms of electronic music with aplomb. There's prime cuts of ambient, gritty techno and woozy, probing electronics at every corner. It's full of slowly bruising broken beats and inventive sounds that delicately flesh themselves out into part of the journey. Drifting between moments of serenity to stormy, brooding moods and back again. All that with a few upbeat melodies and an electro thumper jarred into the middle for good effect insures a thrilling listen in the latest of our mix sessions. One to get lost in.

Stream in full below or over at our mixcloud.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Every Wall Has Two Sides

On the 20th of January 2017, Donald J Trump assumed office in the world famous White House, therefore, officially becoming the 45th President of the United States of America. It's a vote that has almost split not just America, but the whole world in two. I could go into details on my feelings on the matter in general and write a politically charged rant that could literally span page after page after page. But I won't, I'll keep it short and sweet.

Personally, I think Trump has already made and will continue to make bad, possibly even horrendous, decisions whilst he is at the helm of arguably the worlds most powerful nation.

Two of those decisions have already caused widespread controversy and saw rise to a united backlash on many different levels the world over.

The first being the planned construction of a 2000 mile long wall along the Mexican border. Off the bat, it's a ridiculous idea straight away given the cost of building such a ludicrous thing and then there's also the maintenance costs. Secondly, every wall has two sides. Think about that for a minute and take what you will from that statement. Walls create division and isolation. They block out communication. This is not a positive move by any means. It's a completely unnecessary, not to mention illogical, step from an attention seeking, power hungry, megalomaniac.

The second baffling decision from Mr Trump is the one that made me write this post. I am of course referencing the executive order given by the new President that bars the citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the USA.

Iran, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen are the nations "barred". With people carrying dual national passports also affected. As I mentioned earlier, I won't go into a long winded rant but what I will say is that first and foremost this ban clearly puts an immediate end to the US Syrian refugee programme and is also apparently a violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Not to mention, the most vital thing of all, it's a complete disregard for basic human value and rights. That's the part that eats away at me the most.

At best, it's a knee jerk decision from a deluded, apathetic 'leader'. At worst, it could potentially start a snowball effect with other nations following suit. Although fortunately it seems the majority of the rest of the world, so far, has shown solidarity and empathy with the banned countries. Freedom, equality and the pursuit of bettering ones life in another place should not be allowed to be dictated by any person or any country. I believe that we predominantly, as a world, are more than aware and encouraging of that.

Immigration has been key to obtaining diverse, colourful and primarily peaceful cultures for centuries. It's something I hold dear to my heart. We are, ultimately, all immigrants.

I class myself mainly as Scottish, but I also descend from immigrants on my mothers side. If my grandmother didn't arrive in Scotland from Koln then I might not be here. There's traces of immigrants in every single one of us.

Trumps ban only serves to fuel more division, strain and anxious tension in an already highly strung, needlessly nervous world.

It's for that reason that today we here at Bricolage, alongside many other labels and artists, express our complete opposition to the ban by extending our support to and stand firmly alongside the American Civil Liberties Union in attempting to combat Trumps recent actions. The ACLU are non profit and are continously working around the clock in the battle against the discriminatory actions unveiled in Trumps ban.

Money helps unions like the ACLU. Every little helps that bit more.

Bandcamp, started the ball rolling by announcing that they would be donating their share of any music bought through their site to the ACLU to aid the fight against the unconstitutional operations of the new President. Since the companies announcement, the swell in support from artists and labels throughout the planet has been inspiring.

We here at Bricolage would like to do our bit to try and help. So as of midnight (which is right about now as I write this) 100% profits from any music sold on the Bricolage bandcamp over the net 24 hours will be donated directly to the ACLU to assist them as much as possible in the war for justice and equality.

We've released a wide range of top quality music spanning all sorts of genres so go on and have a dig around at the link below.


CEO Bricolage Collective

Friday, 27 January 2017

Crae : Blue Wave (Audio/Visual)

"Blue Wave" is the closing track from the recent "Injection" release from Crae on Bricolage and acts as an ambient downtempo outro for the slicing and serrating techno that comes before it on the EP. With the powerful and full on beats taking prominence on "Injection", the juxtaposition of "Blue Wave" is the perfect way f.or Crae to sign off. Full of uplifting keys and little splashes of warm melodics that ping along subtly over the top of a solid drum base. For the video, our visual production unit "Digi Aye" have provided a simple yet equally tranquilizing accompaniment. A sea of azure, cyan and cerulean waves and designs that splish and splash their way through the screen. A welcome addition to our growing visual back catalogue.
You can grab your full copy of his "Injection" EP at bandcamp.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Ix Prospectum "First Step" (bc024)

The "First Step" album from, Berlin based producer, Ix Prospectum is, at its heart, coarsing with experimental glitch ideology and sonic IDM structures that are carefully counter balanced with industrialised ambient frameworks. And while it's definitely one for modern experimentalists, it also has its moments of alternative dance sensibility. With glimpses of melodies creeping alongside spider like percussive elements. The overall release veers through a vortex of all different types of musical combinations. Never once settling on one particular sound. Ambient techno and glitch
 sounds take the lead but are partnered by a merger of various other electronic styles along the way. 

"First Step", like the man behind it, will more than reward patient listeners. 

As always you can stream and download the release in full at our bandcamp or below. The album is available as a free download or PWYW with any and all donations going towards any potential physical releases or Bricolage live shows.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Figurate "There Are Places Other Than Here" (bc023)

"There Are Places Other Than Here", the debut EP from Figurate, derives its subliminal influences from the farthest reaches of the neo noir/cyberpunk movie genres and evolves them into three conceptual works that overarch into themes of AI and character recognition. There's the odd minimalistic sample that helps to set the  tone but it's mainly the sounds that create the overall mood. The music itself joins the dots between dub and glitch. While shoegaze effects and fragmented percussion work together with the dub and glitch styles over the course of the three tracks to assist in the construction of intriguing micro mechanical, chrome, ambient backdrops that provide the listener with some unique experimental panoramic dubscapes.

As always you can stream or download from our bandcamp or below.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Bricolage Podcast #17 : Minerva

Our first podcast of 2017 is brought to you by the electronic enchantress, Minerva. She has dipped into her extensive record collection (promos and all) and pulled out a bundle of captivating tracks to set us off on the right path. On the surface there's abstract sounds, cut up synths, unusual industrial soundscapes and biting techno. Bubbling away underneath it all is an experimental heart that continues pumping out fuzzy, filtered electronics and raw noise.

As always you can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud account.